Our Story

Who we are?

GENESIS 100 is a real estate investment marketing website operating both in Israel and abroad, the first of its kind in Israel, specializing in locating rental properties and leased with UP SIDE option from the moment of purchase.

So, what’s special about us? Although we don’t have a fancy offices and expensive staff on the payroll, we have the right experience to get deals below market prices. We are very picky with the deals we chose to pursue, but the deals we get, will provide you with the best profitability.

The uniqueness of Genesis 100 is simple and transparent – we pride ourselves running a thin and low expense operation. This way, we can generate results and performance for our investors that are difficult to find in other companies that are compelled to generate income to cover the costs of employees and operations.

Along with the desire to get better results, we maintain investors’ confidence by

1. extensive due diligence of the assets we locate.

2. Locating assets at a below market prices, which allows us to generate immediate profit on the transactions.


More about GENESIS Group

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