Safeguards and Collaterals

A legal protection and safeguards for our deals

100% registered ownership

We only consider purchasing assets that have a registered and guaranteed proof of ownership.

Complete Asset due diligence Adhering to an extensive due diligence process we make sure that the price we pay is a market price and that there is a basis for negotiations. In addition, we ensure receiving appraisals by local certified appraiser.

Title Company and insurance

Legal examination of the property assures an asset free of liens and debts and of course having an insurance for a complete amount of the deal.

Trustee account

All investors' funds are transferred directly to a dedicated trustee account, in accordance with the provisions of the trust deed and subject to the agreement only, assuring a 100% investment protection.

Complete due diligence

Comprehensive due diligence on the developer and the property / project prior any investment.

LOI (Financing Principles Agreement)

Providing Letter of Intent with the financing body in advance, after maximizing the investors' position.

Extra yield

A mechanism in which investors take precedence over incoming funds.

Pre-defined management agreement

Asset management agreement will be set in advance so that risk is reduced.

Ongoing asset report

Investors are being informed on the ongoing status of the asset, providing all related information on a quarterly basis.

Transaction completion and signature with an Israeli law firm

Contract signing, and execution shall be performed with a designated trustee law firm in Israel.

Positive financing deals only

In order to achieve lowest market prices, we leverage our liquidity advantage. We will not force deals without preferred pricing and conditions.