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Real estate investments starting at $42,000

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  • Minimal operating costs
  • UPSIDE is included!
  • Legal trustee is overseeing each deal
  • Leverage and financing options

Real Estate Investing with UPSIDE

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GENESIS 100 is a real estate investment company in Israel and abroad, a first of its kind in Israel, specializing in locating rental and leased with UP SIDE option from the moment of purchase.

Why us?

Although we don’t have a fancy offices and expensive staff on the payroll, we have the right experience to get deals below market prices. We are very picky with the deals we chose to pursue, but the deals we get, will provide you with the best profitability.

Available opportunities

How Does It Work

We have a method that just delivers.

GENESIS 100 was established to provide a solution for investors who are interested in real estate investments with high profitability potential, a relatively low equity and with the option of profiting already at the buying stage.


Our network of connections our intensive field work allows us to reach and discover many hidden gems – bank foreclosed assets, defaulting asset owners and other opportunities that allow to purchase assets below market price, in a very short time.


Genesis 100 has vowed to work transparently and directly with its customers while providing and sharing all available information.

Our advantages

Why Genesis 100?

Full collateral for your money

All transactions in Genesis 100 are done with an Israeli law firm in trust in order to create full security for the investors' funds. In addition, we perform due diligence on each of the assets we locate.

100% Data transparency

The ABC in the performance of our operations is data transparency, so we will reveal all the required numbers to you, without hiding data or hiding unexpected numbers from the perception that partners need to work with complete transparency.

Locating transactions at low prices

There is a possibility of telling stories that in the future prices will rise, and maybe maybe maybe, we prefer to go for sure and in advance to find assets whose market price is low, how do we do it? Through very strong relationships we have established with brokers and banks, mainly in Israel and the US.

Years of experience

At Genesis 100 there are 4 partners who have been living the real estate market every day for the last 9 years, together we have made over $ 150,000,000 worth of deals and accumulated tremendous experience in raising funds from the banks.

Strong, but lean and efficient

You will not find dozens of employees here for a very simple reason - someone has to pay for them. One of our iron principles is to have a small and efficient team so that we can reach high returns with the other players.

Demand areas only

This is the main reason why we are working in areas of demand that give us the opportunity to maximize profits by means of financing of about 75%, and we can buy attractive and attractive properties.

Full collateral for your money

100% Data transparency

Locating transactions at low prices

Years of experience

Strong, but lean and efficient

Demand areas only

Your opportunity

Our investments rules.

Purchase from the owner

One of our main advantages – you will purchase the assets directly from the seller, cutting out the middlemen - simple, transparent and clear.

50% -75% bank financing

In order to leverage the financial group assets to its fullest, we closely with the leading US banks, to achieve better rates and flexible financing.

Investing in prime locations

Prime Locations provide a steady revenue stream, high occupancy rates and strong returns.

80% commercial, 20% residential

Focusing on commercial properties with long-term contracts with priority for large corporates and government contracts.

100% registered ownership

We only consider purchasing assets that have a registered and guaranteed proof of ownership.

Always below the market price

Since we want to provide an immediate value on each of our deals, we are looking for below market opportunities, to assure better than average return on investment.

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